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United States 5,098,494
Cases: 5,098,494
Deaths: 164,144
Recovered: 2,618,025
Active: 2,316,325
Brazil 2,967,064
Cases: 2,967,064
Deaths: 99,702
Recovered: 2,068,394
Active: 798,968
India 2,108,705
Cases: 2,108,705
Deaths: 42,798
Recovered: 1,443,183
Active: 622,724
Russia 882,347
Cases: 882,347
Deaths: 14,854
Recovered: 690,207
Active: 177,286
South Africa 545,476
Cases: 545,476
Deaths: 9,909
Recovered: 394,759
Active: 140,808
Mexico 469,407
Cases: 469,407
Deaths: 51,311
Recovered: 313,386
Active: 104,710
Peru 463,875
Cases: 463,875
Deaths: 20,649
Recovered: 314,332
Active: 128,894
Chile 368,825
Cases: 368,825
Deaths: 9,958
Recovered: 342,168
Active: 16,699
Colombia 367,196
Cases: 367,196
Deaths: 12,250
Recovered: 198,495
Active: 156,451
Spain 361,442
Cases: 361,442
Deaths: 28,503
Active: 332,939
Iran 324,692
Cases: 324,692
Deaths: 18,264
Recovered: 282,122
Active: 24,306
United Kingdom 309,005
Cases: 309,005
Deaths: 46,511
Active: 262,494
Saudi Arabia 287,262
Cases: 287,262
Deaths: 3,130
Recovered: 250,440
Active: 33,692
Pakistan 283,487
Cases: 283,487
Deaths: 6,068
Recovered: 259,604
Active: 17,815
Bangladesh 255,113
Cases: 255,113
Deaths: 3,365
Recovered: 146,604
Active: 105,144
Italy 249,756
Cases: 249,756
Deaths: 35,190
Recovered: 201,642
Active: 12,924
Turkey 238,450
Cases: 238,450
Deaths: 5,813
Recovered: 221,574
Active: 11,063
Argentina 235,677
Cases: 235,677
Deaths: 4,411
Recovered: 103,297
Active: 127,969
Germany 216,480
Cases: 216,480
Deaths: 9,254
Recovered: 197,400
Active: 9,826
France 197,921
Cases: 197,921
Deaths: 30,324
Recovered: 82,836
Active: 84,761
Iraq 144,064
Cases: 144,064
Deaths: 5,236
Recovered: 103,197
Active: 35,631
Philippines 126,885
Cases: 126,885
Deaths: 2,209
Recovered: 67,117
Active: 57,559
Indonesia 123,503
Cases: 123,503
Deaths: 5,658
Recovered: 79,306
Active: 38,539
Canada 118,985
Cases: 118,985
Deaths: 8,970
Recovered: 103,435
Active: 6,580
Qatar 112,650
Cases: 112,650
Deaths: 182
Recovered: 109,438
Active: 3,030
Kazakhstan 97,829
Cases: 97,829
Deaths: 1,058
Recovered: 71,609
Active: 25,162
Egypt 95,147
Cases: 95,147
Deaths: 4,971
Recovered: 50,553
Active: 39,623
Ecuador 91,969
Cases: 91,969
Deaths: 5,897
Recovered: 71,463
Active: 14,609
Bolivia 87,891
Cases: 87,891
Deaths: 3,524
Recovered: 28,139
Active: 56,228
China 84,596
Cases: 84,596
Deaths: 4,634
Recovered: 79,123
Active: 839

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Educated unemployment

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The SARS-coronavirus infection occurred in 2002. At that time, 6,000 infected people were identified. 600 people died. The death rate


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Affiliate Marketing

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Nothing more futuristic than this new technology of the future: SpaceX and its self-driving vehicles ready for the space race.

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Computer Equal Human Brain

One of the key announcements this year was an announcement by Google, which claimed to have designed a computer that


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Why choose technology or technical training? Experts guarantee that more power should be used in Bangladesh to promote technical education


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Home delivery service using drones The country’s strongest home delivery service has played a key role in preventing the spread


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Digital marketing is a marketing industry that includes the promotion of digital products and services, regardless of the stage of


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Guru is a free market marketplace. This allows companies to find freelancers engaged in outsourcing. The company was founded in

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After part-1: The “autonomy” feature of the blockchain helps the government abandon the traditional “management-regulation” model and follow the “governance-service” concept. The so-called “autonomy” means

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